Workforce Solutions

Staff Orientation & Training


We bring onboarding templates to make your new employees feel like they are receiving special treatment. Then, to the extent you want “IT training” for your people, we will ensure they receive it.

We offer a full range of training, 1-to-1 and team training. As examples, we provide Office365 training, cybersecurity training, and training on the use of communication devices.

Workforce Enhancements

Office environments are evolving with the fast pace of digital innovations. Employee needs are diversified, and employers are offering workplace enhancements to meet their people’s needs.
Home and other out-of-office workplaces bring both work-life balance for your people and increased IT complexity, including cybersecurity risks.
Workforce enhancements will find the blend of onsite and remote working that best fits your employee and business needs. Hybrid workplaces bring challenges and opportunities. We help you understand your options and make the best decisions.


Cell Phones & Phones
We provide recommendations for equipment purchases and assist people who want to receive full value for the money they spend on devices.
Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, iPads, etc.
Your employees will have personal preferences. We will help you make the choices that optimize cost-benefit and employee satisfaction.

3rd-Party Software

If you need assistance with accounting system integration, we will provide it.
CRM, Sales & Marketing Tools
We can help you find the operating tools that best fit your needs.


Get the equipment you want and receive price discounts on both new and refurbished equipment.
IT Inventory Management
Simple tools can provide control, simplifying procurement, timely delivery, and accounting accuracy.
Waste recycling
Programs ensure cyber-safe, cost-effective, and environment-friendly disposal of IT equipment.