Menu of IT Services

Help Desk

Many IT problems can be resolved with quick online assistance. We work to respond as quickly as we can to your questions.

"Break/Fix" Problem Solving

Some IT problems are more complicated and require more time, visits to your offices, and “hands on” devices and servers. We visit your office to perform “break/fix” support work.

Employee Permissions & Training

Organized onboarding and clear user education help people make the best use of your IT equipment and understand your expectations. We help people –

  • employee onboarding – we use a template that outlines each persons’ equipment, authorizations/permissions
  • employee onboarding training – we can train or help you train your people when they arrive and when they need user help
  • employee ongoing training – we offer a range of training service options to help you train your people on the equipment and software you want them to use with proficiency
  • employee cybersecurity training – you want to be as safe and many basic defensive actions are very affordable
  • company policies, practices & procedures – you may want some help formalizing your IT processes
  • employee offboarding – we use a template to make sure equipment is returned and permissions are removed

IT Equipment

You may prefer to have NeuStyle manage your IT equipment supply. If you do, we offer many service choices –

  • equipment supply – we use our supplier allies to provide equipment that best fits your needs, including the purchase of refurbished equipment and new equipment
  • equipment setup for users – we set up equipment in our shop
  • equipment delivery – we will personally deliver your equipment and do our best to meet your time deadlines
  • equipment training – some people really appreciate an equipment refresher when new equipment like phones and laptops are delivered
  • equipment inventory management – this simplifies your budgeting, keeps accounting activity organized, and allows you to quickly confirm your equipment in use, your spare/replacement equipment, you’re your spare parts/accessories
  • equipment refurbishing and upgrading – considerable savings can be achieved through refurbished equipment
  • replacement equipment – we can set up and store spare backup computers, laptops, and phones at our shop to ensure quick replacement when your equipment fails
  • equipment recycling and waste disposal – to keep your storage spaces neat and tidy and be environmentally friendly

3rd-Party Services

Advice will help you select the best 3rd-party services to fit your business needs and simple processes and IT support will ensure your 3rd-party software services for operations and cybersecurity meet your expectations –

  • selection of equipment vendors – you may have preferences, we can provide recommendations, we can provide after-purchase support to fit your needs
  • selection of software vendors – from basic operating software to cybersecurity software
  • selection of internet service vendors – through Bell, Rogers, etc., or through NeuStyle
  • selection of cloud services: Azure, AWS, NeuStyle, and others
  • assisting with vendor setup and ongoing arrangements – you may want to authorize us to complete all your 3rd-party arrangements, as your agent
  • providing advance notice of licence renewals – we will negotiate licence renewals for you if you want
  • ensuring patches and updates are performed

Remote Monitoring

Best practices have proven that proactive remote monitoring reduces surprises. We provide remote monitoring of everything that needs to be monitored to meet best practices. We will provide a complete explanation of best practices and help you prioritize your IT services so they are affordable. Here is a sampling of the things we perform and monitor for our clients –

  • their on-premises servers – everything from up-time to temperature and humidity can be monitored
  • data back-up – confirmed complete [nightly] back-up means all data is copied in a safe place
  • server back-up – confirmed complete [nightly] back-up means all major equipment is copied in a safe place
  • virtual servers – at client premises and in NeuStyle’s cloud [Waterloo and Front Street, Toronto]
  • internet service – through 3rd-parties [Bell, Rogers, etc.] or through NeuStyle
  • power supply – through utilities and back-up generation
  • firewalls – to ensure they are supported by the vendor, operating, and updated

Hosting & Colocation

We host and maintain virtual servers

  • NeuStyle is an Internet Service Provider – we can provide domain names for your websites and deliver internet services to your operations
  • NeuStyle has equipment at Front Street, Toronto, the Canadian connection to the rest of the world
  • NeuStyle has built a datacentre at the David Johnston Research & Technology Part, in Waterloo
  • you can host your virtual servers in Waterloo or Toronto
  • you can host your collocate your physical servers in Waterloo or Toronto