Managed Services

For Start-up Businesses

Managing Start-up IT Needs
A full menu of IT services. Select the IT services you need and we will focus on providing IT support while you focus on your start-up.
Virtual IT Partner
We will behave like your partner, holding up our end by using our full range of IT products and services to serve you while you build your products and services.
Managing Start-Up Budget Realities
We will negotiate a fixed price that you can afford.

For Small Businesses

Managing Growing IT Needs
You know the IT problems that annoy you. We will remove those IT problems and ensure you have straightforward and reliable systems.
Virtual IT Partner
Like a good partner, we will provide only what you need, keeping your expenses low and helping you maximize your cash-flow.
Managing Small-business Budget Realities
You want the best IT choices you can afford. We will provide options and recommendations so you can get full bang for your IT buck.

For Mid-sized Businesses

Managing Transition to Ensure Your IT Service Fits Your Business
We provide full IT services and we know how to help you transition from full-service to self-service or provide a hybrid package of IT Services to suit your needs.
Formalizing Internal Procedures
Your business has grown to the point where formalized IT procedures will bring ROI. We will help you create and implement best-in-class procedures.
Developing IT Strategy and Plans
The time is right for you to ensure your IT plans address the complexity of your growing needs. We can help you build IT plans that serve your future operating needs and cover your growing risks.