IT Support

Help Desk

Full Service
We know small problems are disruptive and large problems can have serious financial and relationship cost impact. Full service involves proactive planning and quick reaction when problems arise.
Quick Service
We enjoy solving problems quickly and effectively.
Personal Service
We value relationships with the people who trust us to serve their IT needs.

Server Management

The trend is to move data to the ‘big clouds’. While ‘big clouds’ offer many cost-effective advantages, on-premises servers are still the best choice for certain data processes.
Off-site services provide advantages for certain data processes. For example, off-site backup of servers is an inexpensive form of insurance.
Well-placed virtual servers provide operating simplicity and comfort.

Network Management

On-Premises – internal
Business workplace networks are undergoing fast-paced changes. IT services must keep up. Opportunities exist to provide customized internet connectivity.
Off-site with NeuStyle
We offer ISP services, proprietary datacentre services, including colocation and virtual services.
Off-site with 3rd-Parties
If you need assistance with AWS, Azure, Linode, Google Cloud, or other cloud providers we can help.

Monitoring, IoT, & Big Data

Every data point can be probed and monitored. The trend for most businesses is to increase the monitoring of data, serving their needs and the needs of their clients and suppliers.
The ‘Internet of Things’ is a description of the world we live in.
Big Data
‘Big Data’ is another description of the world we live in. We must adapt.